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Miniature Dispensing Head

Minatare Dispensing Head

PolyPico Technologies Ltd. have released a new innovative miniature dispensing head designed for applications where physical space is at a premium and performance is essential, such as XFEL end station experiments and instrument integration.
Measuring just 58mm x 35mm x 38mm, the new single channel miniature dispensing head offers improved dispensing performance at frequencies up to approximately 50,000 microdrops per second.
Features include:
• Compact design
• Stainless Steel body
• Windows to view liquid level
• Single rotating leaver for load/unload of dispensing cartridges

For further information contact: PolyPico Technologies Ltd. (info@polypico.com)

Winner of the 2016 SCCUL Enterprise Awards

PolyPico Technologies wins top award from SCCUL Business Enterprises at their  2016 Business Expo and Awards ceremony hosted by NUI Galway in the Bailey Allen Hall, on Friday, 29 January. The ...

The Small Firms Association (SFA) announced this week that PolyPico Technologies has been selected as finalist in the SFA National Small Business Awards 2016.

The Small Firms Association (SFA) announced this week that PolyPico Technologies has been selected as finalist in the SFA National Small Business Awards 2016.  From over 430 applicants, 5 finalists across 7 ...

3Dispense to showcase the Pico Spotter™ at the LRIG Fall Seminar Event

LRIG New England Fall Series September 2nd 2015 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 2pm – 7pm PolyPico Technologies’ East Coast, USA, representative, 3Dispense will showcase the Pico Spotter™ at this year’s LRIG...

Congratulations to the winner of the PolyPico Technologies iPad Mini competition

PolyPico Technologies are delighted to announce that James Lipscombe of The Genome Analysis Centre, in Norwich, United Kingdom, has been selected as the winning entry for our competition on our ...

PolyPico To Demo Micro Drop Dispensing Technology at UCC

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Method developed to ‘print’ replacement tissues using stem cells

NUI Galway and start-up PolyPico aim to use process to grow tissues for transplants By using tiny cartridges dispensing one stem cell at a time, Galway-based researchers may soon be able to ...

Exciting proof-of-concept for acoustic dispensing of single cell stem cells

The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at NUI Galway and Irish start-up PolyPico Technologies Ltd. have successfully executed a new and exciting scientific proof-of-concept involving the use of sound waves to ...

PolyPico Technologies Announces Distribution Agreement with Dunn Labortechnik

PolyPico Technologies, has entered into a distribution agreement with Dunn Labortechnik, a German-based leading supplier of laboratory equipment for microbiology and molecular biology instruments, in Germany, Austria, and...

PolyPico wins ‘Most Interesting Technology’ award at European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (ELRIG) 2014 Robotics and Automation Event

PolyPico Technologies Ltd. was voted the 'Most Interesting Technology', by delegates attending last week's European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (ELRIG) 2014 event, which took place at FESTO, Northampton, UK.

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