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More advanced, yet easier and lower cost.

Polypico enables and accelerates research and production with revolutionary microdispensing technology. More advanced yet easier to use, highly adaptable, and less expensive. 

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Pioneering non-contact, pico-to-micro-litre, drop-on-demand, liquid dispensing.

Our focus is to advance the field of microdispensing. To simplify the technology and lower dispensing costs, while pushing the boundaries of speed and control. After a series of scientific discoveries, we created a unique technology that is making high-precision dispensing more accessible for all.

How it works

Unique microdrop dispensing technology powered by unique, disposable cartridges.

The superposition of acoustic pressure waves is used to eject microdrops of fluid from the nozzle of the dispensing cartridge. The technology dispenses microdrops in the range of 5 to 120pl, with a repeatability of +/- 1% and at a rate of up to 48,000 microdrops per second.


Polypico systems feature our patented technology which uses disposable polymer dispensing cartridges, rather than traditional glass-based nozzles. This unique disposable cartridge technology creates many advantages for users, including:

  • Quick changeover times, with simplified rapid loading and unloading of fluids.
  • No down-time for washing/cleaning of the dispenser or disposal of wash fluids.
  • Avoidance of cross-contamination concerns.
  • Unused fluids can be recovered and returned to storage.
  • Dispensing cartridges readily available in a wide range of nozzle sizes (30, 50, 70, 100 and 120um).
  • Cartridges available is a range of polymers with specific properties e.g. chemical resistance
  • Inexpensive, reliable, mechanically robust and user friendly.
Key Features
More speed, control & accuracy
Ultra-Low Volumes
4 billion
per teaspoon
The world’s most precise disposable cartridge dispenser, up to 4 billion drops from a single teaspoon.
At Speed
drops per second
The world’s fastest microdrop dispenser, at up to 48,000 drops per second.
Disposable Cartridges
3 second
The world’s fastest fluid changeover. Quickly and easily change fluids with zero contamination concerns, while lowering consumable costs. No fixed glass nozzles. No nozzle cleaning. No hazardous wash-fluid disposal.
Greater Accuracy, Control & Consistency.

Drop-on-demand, non-contact fluid dispensing, with typical variation in drop-to-drop volume less than 2%. A range of systems with precision of up to +/- 6um robotic accuracy. 

Advanced, Yet Easy.

Easy to set-up. Use after a 1-hour training session. Intuitive software. Software and hardware similar throughout our range, so easy to scale-up. Low maintenance. 

Easily dispense fluids up to 50cPs.

We have clients dispensing fluids with up to 90cPs at room temperature. Higher viscosity fluids can be dispensed using our heated dispensing head variant (e.g. 100% glycerol, 800cPs). In the event of inadvertently clogging a cartridge, simply discard the dispensing cartridge and use a new one.

Compatible with a wide range of fluid classes.

Dispense an extremely wide range of fluid classes including: aqueous solutions, organic/inorganic reagents and suspensions; DMSO/ethanol-based solutions; DNA/RNA/PNA/mRNA; stem cells and other living cells; adhesives such as cyanoacrylate; radioisotopes; conductive carbon and silver inks; nano-materials/carbon nano-tubes; proteins/anti-bodies; microcrystals; bacteria; viruses; saliva, and many more.


Push Your Boundaries

Our technology is now enabling scientists and engineers, from a wide range of disciplines, to drive innovation in research and manufacturing. Enjoy more advanced, easier, faster dispensing, while lowering operational costs, and gain access to a team who can help you push the boundaries of your microdispensing application.  

Empower and accelerate your R&D.

A technology that delivers an unprecedented level of speed, precision, control and adaptability. 

Reducing the cost of microdispensing in both lab and production.

Cost effective technology, low-cost disposable cartridges, work faster, no cleaning downtime, fast fluid switchovers and lower operational costs.  

Advancing your knowledge of microdispensing.

Tap into the experience and expertise of our specialist team.

Product Range

Off-the-shelf, customised and OEM solutions.  

Pick an off-the-shelf system or collaborate with our team of dispensing specialists to get the ideal solution for our application.

Pico E Entry level microdispensing system

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