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Target Viewing Camera
The vertical target viewing camera is an invaluable accessory to assist in the precise alignment of dispensed microdrops and the target locations. The target viewing camera has a cross hairs to support point-and-shoot dispensing and is very useful for examining the morphology of dispensed microdrops.
Dispensing Cartridges
Polypico offer an off-the-shelf range of dispensing cartridges with different orifice sizes, for immediate delivery. Standard orifice sizes include: 30?m; 50?m; 70?m; 100?m and 120?m. Custom cartridge design services are also available in terms of cartridge geometry, reservoir volume, orifice size and material composition.
Filling Bridge
Filling bridges make the filling of dispensing cartridges from 96 well plates simple and easy to do. They are also a convenient way of storing dispensing cartridges.
Suction Cups Adapter
Suction cup adapters fit standard 200ul pipettes. Suction cup adapters are used when aspirating fluids into dispensing cartridges.
Maintenance Kits
Service and maintenance kits are available for the PicoSpotter systems robotics platform, which consists of lubricants and instructions on the cleaning and reapplication of lubricants. Maintenance intervals are usage dependent, nonetheless it is recommended that you PicoSpotter system is cleaned and relubricated at least every 6 months. A full service of PicoSpotter systems, PicoPrecise Systems and all other Polypico systems is available on a return to factory basis.
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