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Externally Triggered Dispenser Control Module

Reliable, robust dispenser control.

Compatible with all Polypico dispensing heads, this module comes with either an RS232 or USB interface a host PC. Software provided supports features such as: periodic triggering of a dispenser head; triggering of dispensing from an external source; and viewing of a drop watch camera, if fitted. (For some high speed / high power dispensing heads an additional amplifier may be required in addition to the Dispenser Control Module). Often used in scientific instrumentation, industrial automation and OEM applications, this module allows other system elements to determine when microdrops are dispensed, how many, and how often.

Features & Benefits
Robust, durable, reliable design
A solid enclosure, designed for industrial settings and very resilient to general wear and tear.
Simple software interface provided
A PC based application is included. The software application provides the user with the full possibility to calibrate microdrop dispensing and also provides the imaging interface for a drop watch camera, if one is fitted to the system.
Internal or/and external triggering of microdrop dispensing
Select between external or internal triggering of microdrop dispensing using the software application provided. An externally sourced TTL signal may be used to trigger dispensing.
Out-of-the-box ready
Simple and easy to use, ready to go out-of-the-box.
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