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Long Nose Dispensing Head

Providing 360⁰ accessibility to the dispensing nozzle.

Designed for applications where compact size, light weight and accessibility to the dispensing nozzle are important considerations. This dispensing head is simple to load and provides complete 360o access to the stem of the dispensing cartridge and dispensing nozzle. Ideal for dispensing in difficult to access locations. Applications include: in scientific instrumentation where access and space are limited; in applications where the weight of the dispensing head is an important factor; and in applications where a simple to load compact pico-litre dispenser is needed.

Features & Benefits
Unimpeded access to the dispensing nozzle
Designed specifically to provide unrestricted access to the dispensing nozzle and to facilitate the dispensing of liquids in difficult to access locations.
Light weight design
The dispensing head weighs less than 100g, ideal for applications where mass and size are important considerations.
Simple loading mechanism
The long nose dispensing head uses a single leaver to load and unload dispensing cartridges. The simplified loading method makes it even more convenient to rapidly change liquids.
Patented disposable dispensing cartridge technology
No cross-contamination by design, change fluids in a matter of minutes, no wastage of your precious fluids, with a nozzle anti-clogging feature.
Ultra-low volume dispensing
Single micro-drop volumes can be programmed to be any value in the range of 5pl to 120pl (contingent on well-engineered fluids).
Out-of-the-box ready
Simple and easy to use, ready to go out-of-the-box.
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