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Multichannel Dispensing System | Polypico

The multi-material multichannel dispensing system uses revolutionary disposable dispensing cartridges from Polypico across 8 independently operated picolitre dispensing channels. This dispensing system offers high-throughput of pico- or nano-litre volumes for the production of sensors, diagnostic devices, and lab-on-a-chip devices.

Learn more about the Multichannel Dispensing System here: https://www.polypico.com/product/mult…

System developed as part of the Horizon 2020 pilot line project: M3DLoC, project no.: 760662

No Moving Parts: State-of-the-Art High Speed Microdrop Print System | Polypico

Traditional microdrop printers, using robotic platforms, spend more time moving the printhead over the target than printing.

The revolutionary Electro-Steering System from Polypico allows users to control the trajectory of microdrops in free space, as well as print 2D patterns at speeds which can be orders of magnitude faster than traditional printers.

The system is particularly designed for small targets which need high positional placement accuracy, but can also be customised for larger footprint targets – contact our team today to find out what solution your research project might require: https://bit.ly/3UllO8A

Precision Measurement: Printing Onto Guidewire | Polypico

Researchers in the field of microfluidics might regularly come up against issues with dispensing fluids accurately to the specifications required for their research.

With Polypico, users can be sure of positional accuracy and precision dispensing – this video showcases 50pL volumes of medical grade cyanoacrylate being accurately dispensed onto a braid of guidewire which is one thou (0.001″ = 25.4um) in width.

Printing Cyanoacrylate and Superglue Cyanoacrylate Grids | Polypico

Superglue Cyanoacrylate can be a difficult substance to work with in Life Science research, as the adhesive cures in a matter of seconds after contact with target parts. Polypico have designed the only technology in the world that can reliably combat this issue, dispensing cyanoacrylate (superglue) with picolitre accuracy – without mess or clogging issues.

Specialised dispensing cartridges from Polypico:
– Allows the adhesive to remain in the dispensing cartridge without curing for up to 3 days
– Provide a method to dispense the adhesive on demand, with long intervals between dispensing over this period of up to 3 days
– Removes the need to clean up mess or wash out the dispensing system – simply dispose of the used dispensing cartridge and insert a new cartridge to continue working

These specialised dispensing cartridges have many applications, including:
– Dispensing medical grade cyanoacrylate for the assembly of medical devices
– Dispensing cyanoacrylate for the assembly of Micro ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)

PicoPrecise: Precision Measurement for Microfluidics Research | Polypico

The PicoPrecise system from Polypico allows for precision measurement of microdroplets. A compact desktop-based system, the PicoPrecise is suitable for both R&D and batch production, engineered for the most challenging applications in Life Sciences.

Featuring our patented disposable dispensing cartridge technology, the non-contact system is easy to set up and use, allowing for microdrop dispensing as small as 20pL at up to 10,000Hz (drops per second).

Contactless Liquid Handling | Polypico

With Polypico’s revolutionary Drop Levitation and Mixing System, users can avail of a state-of-the-art system designed for advanced R&D and breakthrough scientific applications.

This unique technology allows:
– Suspension of microdrops in free space for long periods of time (if needed)
– Mixing of microdrops of different materials
– Contactless merging of microdrops in free space
– Acceleration of reaction kinetics, and
– Levitation or deposition of the microdrop product as required

Poly Pico Minature Head v1 mp43

PolyPico NoMovingParts v1

No Moving Parts: System controls the trajectory of the microdrop in free space
* 169 discrete locations
* Each location has 45 micro-drops dispensed onto it
* Single micro-drops volume:~50pl
* Total number of micro-drops dispensed: 7,605
* Distance from target 18mm
* Total time to dispense pattern: 3.1sec

PDDS wtach

PolyPico sign a supply agreement with DataPhysics Instruments GmbH
DataPhysics Instruments has established a worldwide reputation for the provision of high quality and innovative measurement equipment within the field of surface and interfacial science.
During a joined collaboration the integrated PolyPico picolitre dosing System PDDS has been developed and integrated into the DataPhysics optical contour analysis system OCA 200.
With droplet sizes down to 30 pl very small structures in the range of 100 ┬Ám or even less can now be analyzed using the sessile drop method.

TDrop 50000 fps

‘Printing cyanoacrylate’ and ‘Printing superglue’ Cyanoacrylate grids v1 2

‘Printing cyanoacrylate’ and ‘Printing superglue’
PolyPico Technology dispensing Medical Grade Cyanoacrylate adhesive in volumes as low as 50pl.
Using PolyPico unique dispensing technology it is possible to dispense Cyanoacrylate adhesive reliably and for prolonged periods of time (several hours), without clogging or other adverse effects. Deposits of Cyanoacrylate adhesive in the picolitre and nanolitre volume range can be dispensed with high precision and accuracy. Potential applications include: deposition of adhesives for the assembly of miniaturised consumer devices; deposition of adhesives for the assembly of electronic devices; deposition of adhesives for the assembly of medical devices; deposition of medical grade Cyanoacrylate for the precision bonding of tissues; etc.
The disposable nature of PolyPico polymer dispensing cartridges makes them ideally suited to dispensing adhesives, which may potentially cure or block traditional dispensing nozzles. No cleaning is required and changeover to a new dispensing cartridge takes only minutes.

PolyPico Precision Dispensing

In this video the PolyPico Custom Spotter is used to dispense drops through the eye of a needle, showing the precision and accuracy of the device.


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