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Compact Desktop Micro Dispensing System

For excellent positioning accuracy and batch production.

Engineered for the most challenging Life Sciences and Industrial applications, this ultra-high precision acoustic micro dispensing system allows for microdrop dispensing as small as 20pL at up to 10,000Hz (drops per second). Featuring our patented disposable dispensing cartridge technology, the non-contact system is easy to use, easy to set up, and is fully integrated with a dedicated PC workstation. Proven to deliver for a wide range of applications including DNA, proteins, living cells, adhesives, sensor technology, and more.

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Features & Benefits
Patented disposable dispensing cartridge technology
No cross-contamination by design, change fluids in a matter of minutes, no wastage of precious fluids, with a nozzle anti-clogging feature.
Super positional accuracy and precision
Microdispensing systems built with advanced robotics for superior positioning accuracy and precision. (Resolution: 1µm; XY precision +/- 6µm).
Ultra-low volume dispensing
Single microdrop volumes can be programmed to be any volume in the range of 5pl to 120pl (contingent on well-engineered fluids).
Target alignment camera
Allowing precise point-and-shoot dispensing for simpler, fasted target alignment and inspection.
Exceptional dispensing speed
Maximum dispensing rate 10,000Hz (drops per second).
Robust, durable build
Build from the highest quality components with a 10 year+ design life.
Out-of-the-box ready
Simple and easy to use micro dispensing system, ready to go out-of-the-box, in a compact benchtop footprint.
Customisable dispensing deck
Dispensing deck has 4 locating dowels which allow the user to fit their own target substrate holder.
Ongoing software upgrades
Keep up to date with the latest features and capabilities. (Optional).
1-year & extended warranties
Includes a 1-year parts and labour, return to factory warranty. Option to extend the warranty for 3 to 5-years also available.
Robotics Accuracy
X,Y,Z resolution: 1µm
X and Y precision: +/- 6µm
Z precision +/- 20µm
530mm Length x 510mm Width x 470mm Height
Working Area
140mm x 190mm
Number of SBS well plate holders
Applications & Materials

Our micro dispensing system is proven to deliver for a wide range of applications and materials, including:

Sensor technology
Proteins / Antibodies
Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)
Living cells

Additions, upgrades and replacement parts.

A wide range of accessories including cameras, dispensing cartridges, maintenance kits and more.

Product Range

Off-the-shelf, customised and OEM solutions.

Pick an off-the-shelf system or collaborate with our team of dispensing specalists to get the ideal solution for your application.

Off-the-shelf, customised, and OEM dispensing solutions from Polypico.

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