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Dispenser Cartridge Automated Filling

For smoother, easier, longer use operation.

For applications where relatively large volumes of liquid are dispensed. The dispensing cartridge automated filling system removes the need to change dispensing cartridges. The system keeps refilling the fluid in the dispensing cartridge and at a rate matched to the rate at which the liquid is being dispensed. Used in scientific instrumentation installations, in industrial high though put dispensing applications, and in the R&D of microneedles.

Features & Benefits
Remove the need to change a dispensing cartridge
By continuously refilling the dispensing cartridge at the same rate that it is being emptied, there’s no need to change dispensing cartridges. Allowing for long periods of operation using a single dispensing cartridge.
Remove the need to realign dispense location with targets on the substrate
Each time a dispensing cartridge is changed, the dispensing cartridge deposition position must be realigned with the system co-ordinate reference frame if high positional accuracy dispensing is required. However, if the cartridge is refilled at the rate at which it is emptied then the need to change the dispensing cartridge and thus realign the dispense position is eliminated.
Remove the need to recalibrate
Every new dispensing cartridge should be recalibrated to ensure that accurate, reliable and repeatable dispensing is achieved. However, if the dispensing cartridge is not changed and the liquid being dispensed is well engineered then there should be no need to recalibrate the single microdrop volume. Nonetheless, it is still recommended to periodically check to confirm proper calibration as variations in the local environment liquid being dispensed may affect the single microdrop volume.
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