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Drop Watch Camera

Compact, affordable, visualisation and calibration tool.

The drop watch camera is an affordable and compact microdrop visualisation and calibration system. The system, which is compatible with all Polypico dispensing heads and software applications, is a compact assembly of a lighting source; magnifying lens; and camera. Microdrop formation and trajectory can be clearly and easily observed, and microdrops volume calibrated.

Sample Application

The drop watch camera system is typically used in conjunction with the OEM system / Externally Triggered Dispenser Control Module and any of the Polypico dispensing heads. Example applications include installation on XFEL instrumentation, installation on industrial dispensing applications where dispensing heads are mounted on bespoke robotics platforms.

Features & Benefits
Compact complete imaging system
Includes all the components and software needed to monitor and calibrate microdrops. Simply position the nozzle of the dispensing cartridge in the lens focal plane, connect the illumination to the control module and camera to the PC, and you can start imaging microdrops.
Simple and adaptable configuration
The imaging system components may be detached from the mounting plate and fitted directly to your application. Super flexibility in terms of the distance which the illumination is from the microdrops being observed and a range of lenses are available on request which provide different working distances between the microdrop and lens.
Visualise microdrop formation and calibrate volume
Observe the formation of microdrops at, and stages in, the ejection process and further observe the flight of the microdrop. The software also provides a value for the volume of the fluid in the microdrop being dispensed.
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