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Diamond Light Source

Enabling world-class research.

“The company’s ability to respond to the rapidly changing needs for pico litre sample delivery is quite remarkable. Their passion for their customers science is second to none,” Dr. Peter Docker, R&D specialist. Polypico’s work includes: delivery of sample at a rate of up to 50KHz, on demand, triggered by xray pulse; developed a system to fill fixed target technology, reducing waste 2-fold; developed a system to fill TEM grids for CryoEM systems, using ‘electro-steering’; created a variant of the dispensing head for integration into an acoustic delivery system to enable serial crystallography.


Developing novel biopharmaceutical dosage formats.

“Our work includes dispensing droplets to create microneedle patches. We need to be able to dispense many different small volume materials of various physical and chemical properties. Polypico’s cartridge-based system permits us to easily switch materials, and we can retain the material in the cartridge for future use. They have been very responsive to adapting their systems to our needs and developing solutions for us.”

Dr. Anne Moore, Senior Lecturer, School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.  

Harvard Medical School

Swift production of swarming arrays.

The Polypico system allowed for rapid improvements in the ability to study the behaviour of neutrophil swarming. The system facilitated quick and reliable printed arrays which formed clusters of live microbes to induce the swarming response. The speed of the system made it significantly easier to produce the arrays. “The Polypico team has been great to work with, responsive to questions and requests, and I expect to continue working with them well into the future,” Dr. Alex Hopke, Postdoctoral Fellow. 

Diamond Light Source

Sample delivery optimisation for serial crystallography.

“In our application it is crucial to optimise the amount of biological sample (micro-crystal slurry) used during our experiments. The Polypico team listened to our requirements and developed a bespoke injector that we could easily control, trigger, and integrate into our system. It is always a pleasure to work with Gabriel since there are no problems but only solutions,” Dr. Pierre Aller, Senior Beamline Scientist. 


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