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OEM Integrations

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Our OEM microdispensing solution is designed for research applications and where users wish to integrate a microdispensing head into their products. The OEM microdispensing solution is supplied with a Windows based software interface so that dispensing can be controlled either by the end user or from another software programme. Additionally, the OEM system has the facility for dispensing to be triggered from an external source by means of a TTL impulse.

OEM systems can also be supplied with a Drop Watch Camera for microdrop calibration and visualisation.

Kit Components

Basic Setup

The basic OEM microdispensing system configuration is illustrated in the adjacent image. The Electronic Control Module is powered by 24v dc and and communicates either over Rs232 or USB to the host PC (or embedded system). The dispensing head itself has an electrical connection and a pneumatic connection to the Electronic Control Module. An optional Drop-Watch-Camera may also be installed.

Furthermore, the Electronic Control Module comes with an option external trigger input.

Dispensing Head Electronic Control Module

Robust construction designed for a long operational life (10+ years). The Electronic Control Module is simple to install and comes with optional USB or RS232 connections to the host PC and with an optional external trigger input.

Trigger Input: TTL Voltage (3.5V high / 0.8V low threshold), BNC connector, [0;48]kHz frequency range.

Dispensing Head

  • Single droplet volume range: 20pL – 120pL (pico-nano-microlitre volumes using multiple droplets)
  • High droplet volume accuracy: 2% C.V.
  • Dispensable fluid viscosity: [0 – 60]cPs
  • Maximum frequency: 10,000Hz (drops/second)
  • Drop-watch camera for droplet calibration and analysis

Drop Watch Camera System

  • Camera: Monochrome, USB 2.0
  • Lens: 40mm working distance
  • Illumination: LED source


Cable types include:

  • Coaxial cable 50 Ω
  • RS232 or USB
  • SMA cable 50 Ω

PC Software

  • Calibrate: Calibration of drop volume, frequency and more
  • Settings: Edit parameters related to the control system

Dispensing Cartridge Starter Pack

  • 15 cartridges: 5 of 50µm, 5 of 70µm, 5 of 100µm (orifice diameters)
  • Cartridge holder (filling bridge)
  • Suction cup used with a pipette for cartridge filling
Product Range

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