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Multi-material, multichannel, dispensing system

Automated high throughput 8-channel picolitre dispensing system.

Designed for high throughput manufacturing applications, the multichannel dispensing system has 8 independently operated picolitre dispensing channels. The liquids are aspirated out of a standard 96-well plate into each of the 8 disposable dispensing cartridges. Each channel is calibrated for the particular liquid being dispensed and any liquid may be dispensed from any channel as required by your application. Dispensing cartridges come in boxes of 96 units. Applications include manufacturing of sensors and Lab-on-a-Chip (LoC) devices.

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Features & Benefits
Patented disposable dispensing cartridge technology
No cross-contamination by design, change fluids in a matter of minutes, no wastage of precious fluids, with a nozzle anti-clogging feature.
High precision positional accuracy and repeatability
State-of-the-art robotics platform designed for high throughput and high repeatability. (Resolution 1µm; XY precision +/-5µm)
Ultra-low volume dispensing
Single microdrop volumes can be programmed to be any volume in the range of 5pl to 120pl (contingent on well-engineered fluids).
High precision target alignment vision system
High resolution image processing optics and software align the dispensed liquids with target locations on the substrate.
High Dispensing Speed
Typical dispense rate (fluid dependent) 1,000 microdrops per second
Robust, reliable dispensing system.
Dedicated industrial automation robotics platform built for a 10 year+ operational life in a 24/7 operating environment.
Ongoing software upgrades
Keep up to date with the latest features and capabilities. (Optional).
1-year & extended warranties
Includes a 1-year parts and labour, return to factory warranty. Option to extend the warranty for 3 to 5-years also available.
Robotics Accuracy
Resolution 1µm; XYZ precision +/-5µm
Application Specific
500 kg +
Fully Enclosed
Working Area
Application Specific
Applications & Materials

Proven to deliver for a wide range of applications and materials, including:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Sensor manufacture
Conductive inks
LoC device manufacture
Proteins / Antibodies
Diagnostic device manufacture

Additions, upgrades and replacement parts.

A wide range of accessories including cameras, dispensing cartridges, dispensing heads and more.

Filling bridge with a cartridge for microdispensing applications
Product Range

Off-the-shelf, customised and OEM solutions.

Pick an off-the-shelf system or collaborate with our team of dispensing specalists to get the ideal solution for your application.

Microarray spotter Pico P precise - ultra-low volume microdispensing instrument

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