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Heated Dispensing Head

  • The heated dispensing head from Polypico is a great addition for liquid handling projects that require controlled heating of fluids in the dispensing cartridge.

For easy dispensing of viscous liquids.

Designed to increase the temperature of difficult to dispense viscous liquids which have a strong inverse correlation between viscosity and temperature. A heating device is integrated into the standard Polypico dispensing head and can reduce the viscosity of many otherwise un-dispensable liquids such as 100% pure glycerol. Typical applications include: dispensing of high viscosity oils; dispensing of chemistry with a high glycerol content; dispensing of adhesives; and other high viscosity liquids.

Features & Benefits
Intelligent and reliable heating
A state-of-the-art heating mechanism heats the liquid in the cartridge rather than the cartridge and has a long life expectancy unlike conventional heating elements based devices.
Digital temperature control
PID temperature control with user configured set points for optimum heating of the viscous liquids being dispensed.
Patented disposable dispensing cartridge technology
No cross-contamination by design, change fluids in a matter of minutes, no wastage of your precious fluids, with a nozzle anti-clogging feature.
Ultra-low volume dispensing
Single micro-drop volumes can be programmed to be any value in the range of 5pl to 120pl (contingent on well-engineered fluids).
Out-of-the-box ready
Simple and easy to use, ready to go out-of-the-box.
Product Range

Off-the-shelf, customised and OEM solutions.

Pick an off-the-shelf system or collaborate with our team of dispensing specalists to get the ideal solution for your application.


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