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Polypico was created as a spinout company from the University of Limerick, Ireland, after a series of scientific breakthroughs, led by our co-founder Gabriel Leen. Launching our first range in 2015, within a few years the solution was being used by some of the world’s leading scientists at NASA; Imperial College London; Massachusetts General Hospital; the US National Institutive of Standards and Technology; the Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science; the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission; European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility and many more. Now one of the world’s leading microdispensing specialists, we continue to invest heavily in R&D, discovering new innovations in liquid handling, with sustained breakthroughs in areas such as contactless biology including levitating microdrops in free space; mixing and transporting microdrops in free space; and printing 2D patterns of microdrops with no moving parts.

Leadership Team

Partners In Precision

Leaders in the field of non-contact drop-on-demand liquid dispensing. Enabling and accelerating R&D and manufacturing capabilities through revolutionary technology.

Peter Lyons

Peter brings over 25 years of international business experience. He has worked in several business sectors including investment banking; aviation; power transmission; and waste recycling. Peter held senior executive positions in companies such as Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Scotia Capital, Hertz, Celtic Power and Panda Waste. He holds an honours degree in Economics and further qualifications in accounting, computing and internal audit.

Gabriel Leen
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Gabriel is a co-inventor of the company’s core technology and a co-founder of Polypico Technologies Ltd. He has a B.Eng, M.Eng and Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering. Gabriel has over 100 scientific publications, over a dozen patent applications and over 2,000 citations to his academic work.

Nikolay Pavlov

Nikolay has over 20 years of experience in R&D related to a broad range of electronic systems and sensors. Areas of expertise include optics, laser technology, electronics, electromagnetics and many related technologies. Nikolay is author of several patents and academic publications. Additionally, he holds M.S. and B.S. degrees from the prestigious Novosibirsk State University.


We create smarter, simpler, more elegant approaches to liquid handling.

“To help people get away from the cost and hassle of cross-contamination issues, wash cycles and unnecessary complexity, to make a quantum leap forward in speed and system agility, to provide solutions which are simply better and to make them accessible to all scientists and engineers.”

Gabriel Lean, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Polypico

Recognised for innovation

ELRIG Most Interesting Technology Award
SLAS2014 Innovation AveNEWProgramme

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