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New Open Access Platform Desktop Spotter To Be Unveiled At Analytica in Germany

PolyPico Technologies Ltd. who have developed an acoustic non contact drop-on-demand pico litre (pl) dispensing technology which uses disposable plastic fluid cartridges are set to unveil their new desktop open access platform ‘Pico Spotter™’ at Analytica in Germany in April. The 24th international trade fair and conference for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology is one of the largest in Europe and will have international market leaders present their forward looking innovations while the conference will reflect a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art scientific methods and developments.

Open Access Pico Spotter Platform [Artist's Impression]

Open Access Pico Spotter – Artists Impression

Key features of this self-calibrating dispensing platform include: user friendly automation; accurate (+/-1pl for a single micro-drop); a low dead volume which can be recovered which can result in significant savings in the use of precious biomaterials; no requirement to wash / clean between print runs. The Pico Spotter also eliminates the risk of cross contamination through the use of disposable cartridges; fluid filled cartridges can be frozen (-20°C) for storage and later use.

Companies working in the areas of Assay Development and Screening / High-Throughput Screening, Micro and Nano-biotechnologies and Bioanalytical Techniques who are interested in high precision ultra-low volume fluid dispensing technologies should visit the PolyPico Booth #341 in Hall B2 in Analytica for a demonstration of this technology..

If you would like to find out more about the technical specifications of this technology or speak to a member of the sales team, please email info@polypico.com or contact their head office in Ireland on +353 91 765 105.  Further information about the company can be found on their website www.polypico.com or connect with them on LinkedIn.