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Ultra-precise microdispensing at speed. Non-contact microdispenser produces up to 48,000 droplets per second, with total control. Drive your innovation in liquid handling.

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More advanced, easy-to-use, cost-effective microdispensing solutions.

We offer solutions for every customer, whether you’re a small lab or a large manufacturer. Polypico enhances and accelerates research with its groundbreaking dispensing technology. Our unique technology, developed from a series of scientific breakthroughs, serves customers in various fields, including life sciences, diagnostics, and industry. We’ve simplified the dispensing process, pushing the limits of speed and precision. This technology makes ultra-low volume dispensing accessible to everyone, from small laboratories and R&D departments to manufacturers and production companies.

Polypico's microdispensing solutions are more advanced, yet easier to use, and offer lower costs for the user.

Off-the-shelf, customized microdispensing instrument.

We offer automated ultra-low volume liquid handling instruments for different samples and viscosities. With our microdispensers, there is no risk of cross-contamination or carry-over. The dispensed volume is from picoliter to nanoliter on any substrate, target, or sensor. These spotters are available for small labs, R&D, or as integration into production lines, offering a variety of speed, precision, and size options to meet the specific needs of applications in life science and diagnostics, including NGS diagnostics, biosensors, or microfluidics – everywhere where the miniaturized assay is needed. All our instruments are easy to use, with short delivery times and low maintenance requests.

Pico E Entry level microdispensing system

Driving innovation.

Helping researchers push the limits of innovation, with smarter low volume liquid handling tools

Pushing the limits of ultra-low volume liquid handling with microdispensing solutions from Polypico - designed with researchers and manufacturers in mind.

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