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Miniature Dispensing Head

Robust, compact design, built for XFEL applications.

Planned and built for the reliable high precision delivery of sample materials in XFEL / synchrotron end station applications. With a corrosion resistant stainless-steel body, and features specifically designed for XFEL applications including easy viewing of liquid level, open access to vacuum port, simplified loading / unloading of fluids, and more.

Sample Application

XFEL / synchrotron end-station instrumentation

Applications include the delivery of sample material with ultra-high precision of volume; with high precision timing / synchronisation to source and detector; and minimum downtime during sample changeover.  

Features & benefits
Compact design
Designed for applications where high precision delivery is required but space is limited to 50mm x 38mm x 35mm.
Stainless Steel body
Robust, durable, corrosion resistant body.
Single rotating lever for load/unload
Liquids/dispensing cartridges can be changed using one hand, ideal where space and access are limited.
Multiple mounting holes
Super flexibility in terms of mounting options, with multiple holes on most faces.
Approx. 120⁰ clearance angle at nozzle region
Wide angle unobstructed view of microdrop/laser interaction zone.

Additions, upgrades and replacement parts.

A wide range of accessories including cameras, dispensing cartridges, dispensing heads and more.

Product Range

Off-the-shelf, customised and OEM solutions.

Pick an off-the-shelf system or collaborate with our team of dispensing specalists to get the ideal solution for your application.


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