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PolyPico Human Hair Accuracy

Precision and accuracy: Dispensing a 50pl drop of distilled water onto the end of a human hair.

Polypico Horizontal Drop Ejection at 50,000 fps

Acknowledgement: Diamond Light Source

Droplet ejection in slow motion

This video shows the ejection of microdrops at a rate of 1kHz. The microdrop ejection process is shown in slow motion in the reverse and forward directions.
The video is made in real-time and by using a strobe technique one can observe many microdrops being dispensed at a precise time after they are triggered to dispense. The ejection of successive droplets is extremely stable and extremely repeatable and this quality allows one to use a strobe to create such videos, which are created by the superposition of many thousands of individual microdrops.

In the region of 116,000 droplets were dispensed at a rate of 1000 per second during this video, yet one appears to see only one drop in the video because dispensing is so stable and each drop is in exactly the same place as the last one was at any given time during a microdrop dispense cycle.

Micro-drop formation in slow motion

Example micro-drop formation in slow motion – forward and rewind.

PicoPRECISE by PolyPico Technologies

With superior precision of 10um and 6 times faster than the leading dispenser on the market at a speed of 120mm/s, the new PicoPRECISE instrument is suitable for all your ultra low volume dispensing needs.

PolyPico Technologies have developed an ultra-high precision, Ultra Low Volume liquid handling system in the Pico to Nanoliter volume range. Acoustic Droplet Ejection technology is uniquely combined with inexpensive, disposable plastic dispensing cartridges which provide highly accurate printing of a wide range of biologicals and chemicals. Suitable for R&D applications such as Drug Discovery, POC Diagnostics and Stem Cell printing, this patented technology removes cross contamination risk, ancillary cleaning equipment, and process costs.

PolyPico’s picoliter dispenser for microarrays, proteins and cells

PolyPico Technologies’ microdrop picolitre dispenser, an affordable, ultralow volume fluid dispensing technology suitable for applications such as DNA amplification, proteins, antibodees, cell printing and drug discovery.

Fill a disposable cartridge with your sample or fluid and load into the accessible print head.

The easy to use software allows you to fully control and fine tune the dispensing process.

The final spot volume on your target plate can be tailored to suit your application.

Microarrays can be fully customized with defined precision and accuracy.

Disposable cartridges avoids cross contamination risk and there is no requirement for cleaning.

In just a few minutes of setup you are ready to dispense!

PolyPico Promo: PL volume dispensing – microarrays, stemcells, crystallography, lab on a chip

The PicoSpotter™ is a highly advanced, compact and affordable system for the purposes of microfluidic applications requiring ultra-high precision and accuracy with the benefit of no cross contamination of fluids or biomaterials through the use of its disposable dispense cartridges. If you have an application that requires non-contact, drop-on-demand micro drop dispensing in pico to nano liters, contact PolyPico Technologies today. Visit www.polypico.com or email info@polypico.com

Calibrating and Dispensing 50pl drops on 3 x 6 slide

Little Christmas Micro Drops

A Christmas message from Poly-Pico

Dispensing low viscosity UV curable adhesives

Poly-Pico’s technology is capable of dispensing low viscosity UV curable adhesives.

Poly-Pico Technologies Ltd – Analytica 2014 – Pico Litre Drop Dispensing Video

Ultra-Low Volume Dispensing Non-Contact, Drop-On-Demand Technology Using Plastic Disposable Fluid Cartridges

Poly-Pico is the only technology available which operates at pico-litre volumes and uses disposable tips. The use of disposable fluid cartridges offers several advantages including: the complete avoidance of potential cross-contamination issues; a quick and simple change over between different fluids; no need for washing or the cleaning of dispenser nozzles; an easier process to validate and control; and flexibility in terms of applications and uses.

Poly-Pico micro drop dispensing – Drop Size 33 pico litre (pl) – Drop Volume – 33 nano litres

10 x 10 configuration
Drop size 33 pico litre
Dispense rate 1000 drops per second
Drop volume 33 nano litre
1.5 ml spacing between drops
Liquid used – Water (H20)


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