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In response to market demand to have a benchtop, low cost low volume pL dispenser without sacrificing capability of larger systems, PolyPico is now making its technology available to the research community.

The PicoSpotter platform is a unique, ultra-low volume dispensing technology.
Through the novel use of acoustic energy this technology enables, for the first time,
the use of disposable fluid cartridges to precisely dispense a wide range of biological materials such as cells and other fluids.
The use of disposables is the preferred methodology to avoid the risk of cross-contamination similar in principle the use of disposable pipette tips.

Various system configurations are available depending on the specific application requirements, such as: disposable fluid cartridges for R&D / small batch production; large disposable cartridges for production runs; and continuous flow systems for high throughput production applications.

See this case study on 3D stem cell printing:

Stem Cell Printing – REMEDI

  • Biomolecule arrays (Antibodies, Nucleic Acids, Proteins, etc…)
  • Single stem cell and primary cell deposition into well plates or onto slides
  • Serial dilutions
  • 3D scaffold tissue engineering
  • PCR and sample preparation for sequencing
  • Assay development and cell based assays
Features and Benefits:
  • Non-contact drop-on-demand, ultra low volume fluid dispensing.
  • No risk of cross-contamination, through the use of disposable fluid cartridges.
  • No requirement to wash/clean the system between successive samples.
  • Smallest bench-top footprint of any non-contact dispenser designed for use in any laboratory
  • Single head or multi head configurations.
  • Cartridge based design.
  • Ultra high accuracy: +/- 2% of desired volume, for all dispensed volumes.
  • Minimum of 50pl per spot for least costing reagent usage
  • Simple to use by any technician without concerns of system failure.
  • Self calibrating and verifiable.

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Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Drug Discovery, Cells and Microarrays

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Cells and Microarrays

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Calibrating and Dispensing 50pl drops on 3 x 6 slide

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Demonstrating the dispensing of biomaterials such as proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, and living cells in pico-litre volume range with the use of disposable cartridges...

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Overview of PolyPico Technologies

Find out more about PolyPico Technologies. See our co-founder, Dr Gabriel Leen giving his insight into our revolutionary technology..

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