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Affordable and reliable ultra-low volume liquid dispensing.

pL volume acoustic liquid dispensing for microarray and 3D printing applications.

The PicoPRECISE system is an ultra-low volume, ultra-high precision and affordable acoustic dispensing platform technology designed for scientists who wish to accurately dispense reagents, biomaterials or cells in the pL to nL volumes for use in microarray printing of biomolecules and cells.

Easy to change cartridge design eliminates contamination and wash steps. 7uL is needed to dispense and unused portion can be collected or frozen. Watch theĀ video!!


  • Biomolecule arrays (Antibodies,Nucleic Acids, Proteins etc..).
  • Single stem cell and primary cell deposition into well plates or onto slides.
  • Serial dilutions.
  • 3D scaffold tissue engineering.
  • PCR and sample preparation for sequencing.

Small footprint, low cost, and flexible design make this instrument practical and useful in any research lab.


  • Smallest benchtop footprint of any non-contact dispenser designed for use in any laboratory.
  • Minimum of 50pL per spot for least costing reagent usage.
  • Disposable cartridges eliminating cross contamination and wash cycles.
  • Simple cartridge design virtually eliminates head crashes and is usable by any technician in the lab.
  • Reagent volumes of 7uL, unused portion can be recovered or frozen in cartridge.
  • Upgradable and flexible design with expansion from 1 head dispenser to many.

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Drug Discovery, Cells and Microarrays

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Cells and Microarrays

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Calibrating and Dispensing 50pl drops on 3 x 6 slide

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Demonstrating the dispensing of biomaterials such as proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, and living cells in pico-litre volume range with the use of disposable cartridges...

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Overview of PolyPico Technologies

Find out more about PolyPico Technologies. See our co-founder, Dr Gabriel Leen giving his insight into our revolutionary technology..

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