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September 21, 2022

Sales Engineer

About this role:

We are looking for a motivated and experienced VP of Sales and Marketing in microfluidics to join our team and build upon our success to date.

PolyPico Technologies Ltd. offers off-the-shelf and custom high precision microdispensing solutions. PolyPico dispensers outperform most conventional pneumatic, piston, syringe, or valve based dispensing systems in terms of precision, accuracy, and minimum dispensable volume. Volumes of liquid in the picolitre (10^-12), nanolitre (10^-9) and microlitre (10^-6) range can be dispensed using PolyPico Technology. PolyPico liquid dispensing solutions are user friendly, cost effective and have the many benefits associated with using disposable dispensing cartridges such as: avoiding cross-contamination; eliminating the need for wash cycles; and enabling the rapid changeover of fluids.

  • Develop prospects and manage the sales process from start to close.
  • Develop sales and marketing strategy
  • Ability to understand the science and provide strong technical support to researchers from public and private laboratories worldwide
  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the current market, competitors, and new market trends in terms of products and new applications.
  • Identify, quantify and market existing and new products into new markets and applications
  • Attend trade shows and events to promote the company

Ideally, you will be able to demonstrate a strong sales record with at least 5 years sales experience.  This is a senior position within the company, and you will be responsible for building a sales team.  A successful candidate will follow a defined career part towards becoming director of sales.

  • Engineer or PhD in microfluidics or similar & experience in life science
  • Strong interest in business development and sales, previous experience in sales is essential
  • Commitment to customer support
  • Excellent organisational skills, ability to work individually or as part of a team
  • Excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills

Salary commensurate with experience.  There is an attractive and uncapped bonus scheme linked to this position.

How to Apply

Please email you cover letter and CV to careers@polypico.com and include the job title in the
subject line.