DSC00157PolyPico technology is a unique, ultra low volume dispensing technology. Through the novel use of acoustic energy this technology enables, for the first time, the use of disposable fluid cartridges to precisely dispense a wide range of bio-materials and other fluids. The use of disposables is the preferred methodology, in the Life Sciences, to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, (e.g. the use of disposable pipette tips).

PolyPico offers custom OEM solutions and off-the-shelf solutions for the precision dispensing of fluids. Applications include the dispensing of proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, reagents and living cells for the life Sciences and the dispensing of adhesives, lubricants and coatings for industrial applications.

Various system configurations are available depending on the specific application requirements, such as: disposable fluid cartridges for R&D / small batch production; large disposable cartridges for production runs; and continuous flow systems for OEM high throughput production applications.

PolyPico cartridges have a low working volume requirement and additionally present the opportunity to recover any unused material. PolyPico cartridges can be refrigerated down to -20°C with fluids stored in them and reused later after thawing. The possibility to store fluids frozen in cartridges and then reuse the fluids after thawing allows for simplified handling of fluid stocks and the possibility to transport or distribute fluids while frozen in the dispensing cartridges, for applications such as biobanking.

Cartridges can be filled by either: aspiration, e.g. with a standard pipette with a special adapter; or filled from the top, i.e. dispensed into, depending on the preferred option for a given application.

Drop-on-demand technology means that the dispensing cartridge never touches the target substrate and any volume of fluid can be deposited simply by dispensing multiple drops onto the same location.

Technical Specifications Sheet.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Non-contact drop-on-demand, ultra low volume fluid dispensing
  • No risk of cross-contamination, through the use of disposable fluid cartridges
  • No requirement to wash/clean the system between successive samples
  • Ultra high accuracy: +/- 2% of desired volume, for all dispensed volumes
  • Self calibrating and verifiable
  • For storage/delivery applications, fluids must be frozen in the cartridge
  • No significant dead volume



PolyPico’s technology allows you to either:(A) Fill empty fluid dispensing cartridges with your own reagents/biomaterials or(B) Thaw frozen samples and load into the dispensing system. These cartridges are then loaded into the dispensing system and the fluids are precisely dispensing in pico or nano litre volumes.Once the cartridge is empty, it is disposed of in order to completely avoid any risk of crosss contamination.



Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Drug Discovery, Cells and Microarrays

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Cells and Microarrays

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Calibrating and Dispensing 50pl drops on 3 x 6 slide

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Demonstrating the dispensing of biomaterials such as proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, and living cells in pico-litre volume range with the use of disposable cartridges...

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Overview of PolyPico Technologies

Find out more about PolyPico Technologies. See our co-founder, Dr Gabriel Leen giving his insight into our revolutionary technology..

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