Software Engineer

The role

A position has become available in a small biomedical early stage company for a software engineer. Seeking an honours graduate software engineer or software engineer with a number of years’ experience. The person recruited will be developing code on a number of platforms including:

  • Win PC based C# application code which communicates with embedded hardware
  • Embedded C code running on an embedded microprocessor
  • Code executing on a commercial robotics motion controller

You will be working as part of a small motivated team and will be one of the key contributors to the company’s success.


The candidate:

The individual will need to self-motivated, dynamic, have a good work ethic, be flexible in terms of assigned tasks and be able to work both independently and as part of team. The position has the potential to be filled by either a good honours graduate software engineer (bachelors or masters or PhD) or by a software engineer with a number of years’ experience.

The position is located in Galway. Salary negotiable.


Duties and responsibilities:

Tasks and duties will include:

  • Expansion of existing C# PC based application code e.g. adding additional features/functionality and optimisation of existing features/functionality
  • Expansion and adaption of existing embedded C code running on a microcontroller
  • Expansion and adaption of existing motion controller code funning on a commercial robotics motion controller
  • Expansion and adaption of existing image processing software
  • Development of various PC and embedded programs for R&D projects
  • Responsible for the design, coding, unit testing and documentation of new software components or enhancements to existing software products.


Skills, Experience and Qualifications:

  • Proficient in C# for Win PC based applications
  • Proficient in embedded C for microcontrollers and experience in programming microcontrollers
  • The flexibility to be able to learn new programming languages and understand / adapt / expand existing motion control software
  • Experience in working with PC based image processing software
  • Develops expertise in one or more programming techniques, data analysis tools, or design tools important to the department.
  • Flexible and agile in being able to respond to customer driven requirements.


Some or all of the following would also be an advantage:

  • Experience in designing and building C# PC based applications
  • Experience in designing and implementing embedded microcontroller applications
  • Experience in communication from a PC to an embedded microcontroller in order to control robotics
  • An basic understanding of controlling robotics
  • Experience in working with PC based image processing software such as C/C++ or OpenCV or others
  • An aptitude for physics
  • An understanding of electronics and embedded hardware


To apply for this role, please submit a CV and cover letter to Closing date for applications is 5pm on September 29th,  2017

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