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Application Examples

PolyPico provide versatile ultra high precision dispensing solutions for both Life Science and Industrial applications. Example applications where PolyPico technology has been used include:


  • Dispensing Living Cells

PolyPico dispensing technology can be used to dispense living cells. The first image below provides an example, where Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells were dispensed using PolyPico technology into micro-well plates. The second image below shows stem cells which were dispensed onto slides and into well-plates, while maintaining their viability.

Ovarian Cancer Cells - Chinese HamsterStem_Cells








  • Printing protein/antibody microarrays 

The first image was obtained from scanning an antibody arrays which was dispensed using PolyPico technology, in order to obtain results regarding reproducibility and for statistical analysis. The spots are clearly visible, uniform and reproducible. This demonstrates that the technology is ideally suited for generating high content antibody (and protein) arrays. In the second image, spot analysis shows the protein density in each spot. The scans A-F represent ’50 drops’ through to ‘1 drop’. These images clearly indicate that in particular F (1 spot) produces excellent results, note the absence of the traditional ‘coffee ring’ or ‘doughnut effect’.

Protein / Antibody Microarraysmicro_array_1b








  • DNA amplification 

DNA Amplification

PolyPico technology can be used in real-time PCR, and dPCR applications, where various quantities of DNA are amplified/quantified. Example application curves are illustrated for various protocols.

  • 5 ul of cDNA delivered into a test sample
  • 1 ul of cDNA delivered into a test sample
  • 0.1 ul of cDNA delivered into a test sample
  • 0.01 ul of cDNA delivered into a test sample
  • 0.001 ul of cDNA delivered into a test sample



  • Printing Nano-materials

TiO2_a1It is possible to precisely print nano-materials using PolyPico Technology. The adjacent images show 0.04% W/V TiO2 printed using PolyPico technology.








  • Printing / Dispensing Crystals







Example: 10nl deposit of protein crystals



  • Bacteria Colony Patterns 











  • Dispensing low viscosity UV curable adhesives 

PolyPico technology can be used to dispense low viscosity UV curable adhesives with ultra high precision.


Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Drug Discovery, Cells and Microarrays

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Cells and Microarrays

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Calibrating and Dispensing 50pl drops on 3 x 6 slide

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Demonstrating the dispensing of biomaterials such as proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, and living cells in pico-litre volume range with the use of disposable cartridges...

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Overview of PolyPico Technologies

Find out more about PolyPico Technologies. See our co-founder, Dr Gabriel Leen giving his insight into our revolutionary technology..

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