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PolyPico technology can be used to dispense pico litre and nano litre volumes of bio-materials in Life Science applications. It is also possible to dispense micro litre volumes of fluid but at a slower rate.

The technology can dispense higher viscosity fluids than most other technologies which operate in the ultra low pico litre volume range. Both DMSO and aqueous based solutions can be easily dispensed. The dispensing of proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, and even living cells is possible with this technology.

PolyPico is the only technology available which operates at pico-litre volumes and uses disposable cartridges to dispense precise monostable fluid droplets. The use of disposable fluid cartridges offers several advantages including: the complete avoidance of potential cross-contamination issues; a quick and simple change over between different fluids; no need for washing or the cleaning of dispenser nozzles; an easier process to validate and control; and flexibility in terms of applications and uses.

The technology avoids the need for wash cycles and thus the need for wash reagents, and the time needed to run wash cycles, in addition to the disposal of these wash reagents.

PolyPico cartridges have a low working volume requirement and additionally present the opportunity to recover any unused fluid. Savings can be significant if valuable reagents are being used. Furthermore, being able to accurately dispense ultra-low volumes allows you to potentially achieve far more reactions from a given initial volume of fluid.

  • Printing of high density microarrays
  • Digital PCR
  • Low volume protocols (pico/nano litre)
  • Bio-chip production
  • 3D printing
  • High throughput screening/drug discovery
  • Applying coatings to small features
  • Frozen distribution of reagents / proteins / biomaterials
  • Dispensing / printing of living cells
  • Precision titrations / serial dilutions
  • Dispensing single stem cells

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Application Examples



PolyPico also offers technical solutions for industrial applications which require ultra high precision low volume deposition of fluids. Applications include the precision dispensing of: adhesives (e.g. low viscosity UV curing adhesives); lubricants; and coatings.

  • Precision printing of materials for the electronics industry
  • Depositing adhesives on micro structures
  • Lubrication of micro machines
  • Depositing precision lines of adhesive (e.g. 80µm wide)


Technical Specifications

Single Drop Size

  • Nominal drop size = 50 pico litres per single drop and can be programmed to give larger or smaller single drop sizes.
  • Can be programmed to deposit a volume of fluid in any multiple of the smaller nominal 50 pico litre drops.

Dispensing Speed

(Speed at which single
drops are dispensed)

  • Nominal speed 1000 drops per
    second per dispensing head
    (higher speeds possible with
    qualified fluids)

Cartridge Volume

  • Cartridge available for volumes of 20 micro litres up to 100 micro litres, and custom larger cartridges available on request
  • A continuous flow system which is supplied from a larger tank of fluid (e.g. several litres in volume) for OEM high throughput production applications.

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Drug Discovery, Cells and Microarrays

Picoliter Dispenser for Proteins, Cells and Microarrays

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Calibrating and Dispensing 50pl drops on 3 x 6 slide

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Demonstrating the dispensing of biomaterials such as proteins, anti-bodies, DNA, and living cells in pico-litre volume range with the use of disposable cartridges...

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Overview of PolyPico Technologies

Find out more about PolyPico Technologies. See our co-founder, Dr Gabriel Leen giving his insight into our revolutionary technology..

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